The (Un) Official 18.01 Web Page

The only files that are actually here so far are an information page with stuff about the instructors, grading, etc.; the syllabus; and problem sets.

If you would like to print the dvi files, try the following commands at an Athena prompt (the stuff in brackets is optional):

add ratjamm
cd /mit/ratjamm/www/18.01
[cd someotherplace; ls; ...]
dvips [-Pprintername] filename
To print double sided, try:
add save
dvips2 [-Pprintername] filename
You have to be sure (any way you choose to print these) that your current working directory is /mit/ratjamm/www/18.01[/maybemore]. That is, the cd command above is very relavent to getting the files to print correctly. You can check the current working directory by typing pwd. You should see something like (maybe more than) /afs/ If you're not in that directory, it's not a terribly big deal. It's just that, otherwise, the graphics elements won't print (they're separate EPS files in my directory and the references to them in the dvi files are not global).

If you're having problems printing the problem set three solutions, check this out (actually, this should be fixed now - 3/13/97).

Stuff from the Spring of 1997:

Stuff from the Spring of 1996 (there aren't any pictures yet, but that will change eventually):

Coming soon to a web page near you:

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